The Report System

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The Report System

Post  MichaelXD on Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:16 pm

We now have a report system which looks like an exclamation mark on the top right hand corner. When you report a post, all of the admins will be notified at once so we can all see it and get to the report. Our emails will look like this.

Hello !

MichaelXD has just reported a post from MichaelXD on Pokemon Kids.

Click on the following link to go directly to the reported post.

Or click on the following link to go to the report list.

Remember that you can always choose to be not notified of new reports by changing the appropriate setting in your profile.

All the best. Pokemonkids forums.

Remember that the report feature is a privilege and not a RIGHT. If anyone is caught abusing it or if it's spamming our inboxes, we'll take your reporting privileges away. If you've done nothing wrong but suspect a member doing something they're not supposed to be doing it, report it and move on or wait if I'm not on. Do not jam the report button. It will not get me to take care of the problem faster and it'd only leave you with a temp ban for spamming our inboxes. These bans will last from one to two days and the infractions are minor. Wink


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